Model calculations of electron spectra for Ce mixed valence compounds.

Gunnarsson O., Schoenhammer K.

The 4f level plays an important role for many properties of Ce compounds, and its occupancy, nf, and coupling, Delta , to the conduction states are of great interest. The authors develop methods for calculating electron spectra, and deduce new values of nf and Delta from these calculations. The calculations are performed for a generalized Anderson impurity model. In particular, they present a method for calculating electron spectra at T=0, which is particularly suited for a large degeneracy.

Moment Formation in Solids. Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute Editor(s): Buyers, W.J.L. New York, NY, USA: Plenum, 1984. p.289-95 of xiv+336 pp. 18 refs. Conference: Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, 21 Aug-2 Sept 1983 ISBN: 0-306-41834-7.

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