Linear methods in band theory.

Andersen O.K.

The author explains the idea of the linear methods of band theory and presents formalism of the LAPW (linear augmented plane wave) method and, in particular, of the LMTO-ASA method (linear muffin-tin orbitals in the atomic sphere approximation). He also discusses the concepts of canonical bands and potential parameters.

Electronic Structure of Complex Systems. Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Study Institute Editor(s): Phariseau, P.; Temmerman, W.M. New York, NY, USA: Plenum, 1984. p.11-66 of viii+803 pp. 22 refs. Conference: Ghent, Belgium, 12-23 July 1982 Sponsor(s): NATO; NSF; State Univ. Ghent ISBN: 0-306-41824-X.

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