The frequency-dependent susceptibility in the Anderson model.

Gunnarsson O., Schonhammer K.

The authors calculate the dynamic susceptibility chi ( omega ) in the Anderson impurity model, using a 1/Nf expansion, where Nf is the degeneracy of the f-level. For Nf to infinity the Shiba Fermi liquid relation is satisfied. In this limit Im chi ( omega )/ omega has a very steep rise at omega =TK, the Kondo temperature. An interpretation for this rise is given. Crystal-field and spin-orbit splittings have also been included.

Theory of Heavy Fermions and Valence Fluctuations. Proceedings of the Eighth Taniguchi Symposium Editor(s): Kasuya, T.; Saso, T. Berlin, West Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1985. p.100-7 of xii+287 pp. 13 refs. Conference: Shima Kanko, Japan, 10-13 April 1985 ISBN: 3-540-15922-3.

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