Calculated electronic structures and Schottky barrier heights of (111) NiSi2/Si A- and B-type interfaces.

Das G.P., Blochl P., Christensen N.E., Andersen O.K.

In recent years it has been proved possible to predict the valence-band offsets of lattice-matched semiconductor heterojunctions to an accuracy of about 0.1 eV using density functional theory in the local approximation (LDA). The authors investigate whether, for well-characterised metal-semiconductor interfaces, the Schottky-barrier heights can be calculated with similar accuracy.

Metallization and Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces. Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop Editor(s): Batra, I.P. New York, NY, USA: Plenum, 1989. p.215-34 of xi+510 pp. 31 refs. Conference: Garching, West Germany, 22-26 Aug 1988 ISBN: 0-306-43159-9.

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