Density functional calculations for strongly correlated systems.

Gunnarsson O., Anderson O.K., Svane A.

The authors give some examples of how the local spin density (LSD) approximation works, ranging from cases where the agreement with experiments is quite good to cases where the LSD approximation fails qualitatively. They also show a few applications based on a different approximation, the so-called self-interaction corrected (SIC)-LSD approximation.

Interacting Electrons in Reduced Dimensions. Proceedings of a NATO Advanced Research Workshop (SDL Panel) Editor(s): Baeriswyl, D.; Campbell, D.K. New York, NY, USA: Plenum, 1989. p.139-50 of xi+403 pp. 51 refs. Conference: Turin, Italy, 3-7 Oct 1988 ISBN: 0-306-43415-6.

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