Band Formation and the trivalent limit of the high Tc Oxides

Zaanen J.

The general nature of the (correlated) electronic structure of the high Tc oxides is discussed. It is pointed out that these materials are on the borderline between localization and itinerancy. The consequences for trivalent Cu compounds are investigated. First an example of a localized Cu3+ material (KCuO2) is discussed. It is then pointed out that the trivalent analogue of the high Tc compounds (LaSrCuO4) should show an antiferroelectric distortion because of band formation effects.

Proceedings of the International Symposium on High Temperature Superconductivity Editor(s): Garg, K.B.; Jain, D.C.; Chauhan, H.S.; Chandra, U.; Singh, J. New Delhi, India: Oxford & IBH Publishing, 1989. p.31-8 of 300 pp. 42 refs. Conference: Jaipur, India, 6-8 July 1988 Sponsor(s): Univ. Grants Comm.; Univ. Rajasthan; et al ISBN: 81-204-0383-5.

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