Excite_2_t Interface

public interface Excite_2_t

Additional constructors for the excitation types from integers instead of an integer array.

The non trivial excitations are initialized by passing the respective integer arrays into the type. Alternatively one can use integer arguments to initialize. Omitted indices are set to UNKNOWN.

\code{.unparsed} Excite_t([1, 2]) == Excite_t(src=1, tgt=2) ! If the target should be UNKNOWN, just omit it Excite_t(src=1) \endcode

The signature is (src_1, tgt_1, src_2, tgt_2, ...). depending on the actual type.


Module Procedures

private pure function from_integer_Excite_2_t(src1, tgt1, src2, tgt2) result(res)


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
integer, intent(in), optional :: src1
integer, intent(in), optional :: tgt1
integer, intent(in), optional :: src2
integer, intent(in), optional :: tgt2

Return Value type(Excite_2_t)