RestartShiftBlocking Subroutine

public subroutine RestartShiftBlocking(Iter)


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
integer :: Iter


Source Code

Source Code

    SUBROUTINE RestartShiftBlocking(Iter)
        INTEGER :: Iter

        StartShiftBlockIter = 0
        StartShiftBlockIter = Iter + StepsSft
        ! ChangeVars gets called at the end of the run, wont actually start until the next iteration.

        TotNoShiftBlockSizes = 0
        TotNoShiftBlockSizes = FLOOR((LOG10((REAL(NMCyc - StartShiftBlockIter, dp)) / (REAL(StepsSft, dp)))) / (LOG10(2.0_dp)))

        if (allocated(CurrShiftBlockSum)) CurrShiftBlockSum(:) = 0.0_dp
        if (allocated(ShiftBlockSum)) ShiftBlockSum(:) = 0.0_dp
        if (allocated(ShiftBlockSqrdSum)) ShiftBlockSqrdSum(:) = 0.0_dp

    END SUBROUTINE RestartShiftBlocking