write_max_ratio_as_int Subroutine

public subroutine write_max_ratio_as_int(ms_vals, pos)


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
integer(kind=hsize_t), intent(out) :: ms_vals(:)
integer, intent(in) :: pos


Source Code

    subroutine write_max_ratio_as_int(ms_vals, pos)
        use hdf5, only: hsize_t
        use bit_rep_data, only: extract_sign
        use DetBitOps, only: FindBitExcitLevel
        ! Write the values of the maximum ratios Hij/pgen for all determinants to ms_vals
        ! Input: pos - position to get the data from
        !        ms_vals - On return, contains the maximum Hij/pgen ratios for all determinants
        implicit none
        integer, intent(in) :: pos
        ! use a 1-d array for compatibility - the caller does not need to know that the
        ! dimension is of size 1
        integer(hsize_t), intent(out) :: ms_vals(:)

        ms_vals(1) = transfer(global_determinant_data(pos_max_ratio, pos), ms_vals(1))

    end subroutine write_max_ratio_as_int