DetCalcData.F90 Source File


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Source Code

! Contain data used by other modules after DetCalc has done its stuff
module DetCalcData
    use constants, only: dp, n_int
    use MemoryManager, only: TagIntType

    INTEGER NDET  ! The total number of determinants we have listed
    INTEGER Det   ! The number of determinants with the same sym
    ! as the reference det.  This is the number of
    ! dets in FCIDets
!This will contain a list of determinants of the same symmetry as the reference det, with dets
!in compressed form.  Usually (NIfTot, Det)
    INTEGER(kind=n_int), Allocatable :: FCIDets(:, :)
!This indicates where the excitation levels start in the FCIDets array(will go from 0->NEl+1).
    INTEGER, Allocatable :: FCIDetIndex(:)
    INTEGER ICILEVEL ! The maximum excitation level up to which to enumerate dets.
    INTEGER(TagIntType) :: tagNMRKS = 0
    INTEGER, pointer :: NMRKS(:, :) => null() !(NEL-NFROZEN,nDet)  A list of all determinants which have been enumerated.
    HElement_t(dp), pointer :: CK(:, :)  !  (nDet,nEval) This will store the eventual eigenvectors
    INTEGER(TagIntType) :: tagCK = 0
    real(dp), pointer :: W(:)  ! (nEval) This will contain the eigenvalues
    INTEGER(TagIntType) tagW
    HElement_t(dp), pointer :: HAMIL(:)    !The Hamiltonian in compressed form.
    !Contains only non-zero elements.  The total number of elements is in LenHamil
    INTEGER(TagIntType) :: tagHamil = 0
    INTEGER LenHamil                       !The Total number of non-zero elements in the compressed Hamiltonian

    INTEGER, ALLOCATABLE :: LAB(:), NROW(:), ReIndex(:)
    INTEGER(TagIntType) :: LabTag = 0, NRowTag = 0

    INTEGER NCYCLE !The Max number of Lanczos cycles
    real(dp) B2L  ! From Calc
    INTEGER NEVAL  !The number of eigenvectors requested
    INTEGER NBLK   !The number of Lanczos Blocks
    INTEGER NKRY   !The number of Lanczos Krylov vectors

end module