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Source Code

module global_utilities

!= A convenient wrapper module for collecting together the common
!= variables and procedures that need to be accessible from utility
!= modules.  Rather than doing, say,::
!=    use MemoryManager, only: LogMemAlloc
!=    use timing_neci, only: set_timer, halt_timer
!= we can just USE global_utilities without too much namespace pollution::
!=    use global_utilities
!= Note that global_utilities doesn't contain all the functionality of all
!= the utility modules, but rather access to the most common routines
!= required (e.g. it doesn't include initialisation and termination routines,
!= which are typically only required once).

    use MemoryManager, only: LogMemAlloc, LogMemDealloc
    use timing_neci, only: set_timer, halt_timer, get_total_time, timer

end module global_utilities