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Source Code

#include "macros.h"

module real_time_aux
    use real_time_data, only: overlap_states, gf_count
    use bit_rep_data, only: extract_sign, niftot, nifd, flag_deterministic
    use bit_reps, only: decode_bit_det
    use FciMCData, only: SpawnedParts, ValidSpawnedList, MaxSpawned, InitialSpawnedSlots, &
                         CurrentDets, hashindex
    use SystemData, only: nel
    use constants, only: dp, lenof_sign, n_int, stdout
    use MPI_wrapper, only: iProcIndex, nNodes, MPIBarrier
    use Parallel_neci


    subroutine write_overlap_state_serial(state, length, index)
        implicit none
        integer(n_int), intent(in) :: state(0:nIfTot, length)
        integer, intent(in) :: index, length
        integer :: iProc, ierr
        do iProc = 0, nProcessors - 1
            ! sequentialize to overcome bottlenecks for shared memory systems (this is not performance critical)
            if (iProc == iProcIndex) then
                call write_overlap_state(state, length, index)
            end if
            call MPIBarrier(ierr)
        end do

    end subroutine write_overlap_state_serial

    subroutine write_overlap_state(state, length, index)
        implicit none
        integer(n_int), intent(in) :: state(0:nIfTot, length)
        integer, intent(in) :: index, length
        integer :: nOccDets, i, ierr
        integer(n_int), allocatable :: buffer(:, :)
        real(dp) :: tmp_sign(lenof_sign)
        character(*), parameter :: this_routine = "write_overlap_state"

        ! check how many determinants are stored for this state on this core
        allocate(buffer(0:niftot, length), stat=ierr)
        nOccDets = 0
        do i = 1, length
            call extract_sign(state(:, i), tmp_sign)
            if (IsUnoccDet(tmp_sign)) then
            end if
            nOccDets = nOccDets + 1
            buffer(:, nOccDets) = state(:, i)
        end do

        ! copy them to overlap_states
        if (allocated(overlap_states(index)%dets)) deallocate(overlap_states(index)%dets)
        allocate(overlap_states(index)%dets(0:nIfTot, nOccDets))
        overlap_states(index)%dets(:, 1:nOccDets) = buffer(:, 1:nOccDets)
        overlap_states(index)%nDets = nOccDets
    end subroutine write_overlap_state


    ! for load balancing, the load balancing blocks of the overlap states have to be
    ! communicated alongside the currentdets.
    subroutine move_overlap_block(block, tgt_proc)
        use load_balance_calcnodes, only: LoadBalanceMapping, get_det_block
        use bit_reps, only: nullify_ilut
        implicit none
        integer, intent(in) :: block, tgt_proc
        integer(n_int), allocatable :: perturbed_buf(:, :)
        integer :: tmp_totwalkers, iGf, ierr, src_proc, nsend, idet, &
                   det_block, offset, nelem
        integer :: det(nel)
        real(dp) :: sgn(lenof_sign)
        integer, parameter :: mpi_tag_nsend = 223458
        integer, parameter :: mpi_tag_dets = 223459

        if (allocated(overlap_states)) then
            call MPIBarrier(ierr)

            if (iProcIndex == root) print *, "Moving overlap states"

            src_proc = LoadBalanceMapping(block)
            ! send the corresponding block
            do iGf = 1, gf_count
                if (iProcIndex == src_proc) then
                    nsend = 0

                    do idet = 1, overlap_states(iGf)%nDets
                        call extract_sign(overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, idet), sgn)
                        if (IsUnoccDet(sgn)) cycle
                        call decode_bit_det(det, overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, idet))
                        det_block = get_det_block(nel, det, 0)
                        if (det_block == block) then
                            nsend = nsend + 1
                            SpawnedParts(:, nsend) = overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, idet)
                            call nullify_ilut(overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, idet))
                        end if
                    end do
                    nelem = nsend * (1 + niftot)

                    call MPISend(nsend, 1, tgt_proc, mpi_tag_nsend, ierr)
                    call MPISend(SpawnedParts(:, 1:nsend), nelem, tgt_proc, mpi_tag_dets, ierr)

                    ! compress the corresponding overlap state
                    call write_overlap_state(overlap_states(iGf)%dets, overlap_states(iGf)%nDets, iGf)
                else if (iProcIndex == tgt_proc) then
                    ! here we have to expand the overlap state array, so we need a buffer

                    call MPIRecv(nsend, 1, src_proc, mpi_tag_nsend, ierr)
                    nelem = nsend * (1 + niftot)
                    call MPIRecv(SpawnedParts, nelem, src_proc, mpi_tag_dets, ierr)

                    offset = overlap_states(iGf)%nDets
                    tmp_totwalkers = offset + nsend
                    allocate(perturbed_buf(0:niftot, tmp_totwalkers), stat=ierr)
                    perturbed_buf(:, 1:offset) = overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, 1:offset)

                    do idet = 1, nsend
                        perturbed_buf(:, offset + idet) = SpawnedParts(:, idet)
                    end do

                    allocate(overlap_states(iGf)%dets(0:niftot, tmp_totwalkers), stat=ierr)
                    if (ierr /= 0) print *, "WARNING: Allocation failed in overlap_states load balancing"
                    overlap_states(iGf)%dets(:, 1:tmp_totwalkers) = perturbed_buf(:, 1:tmp_totwalkers)
                    overlap_states(iGf)%nDets = tmp_totwalkers
                end if
                call MPIBarrier(ierr)
            end do
        end if

    end subroutine move_overlap_block


    subroutine add_semistochastic_state(ilut_list, list_size, ssht, ilut)
        use FciMCData, only: ll_node, MaxWalkersPart
        use hash, only: hash_table_lookup, add_hash_table_entry
        use bit_reps, only: encode_sign
        implicit none
        type(ll_node), pointer, intent(inout) :: ssht(:)
        integer(n_int), intent(inout) :: ilut_list(0:, 1:)
        integer, intent(inout) :: list_size
        integer(n_int), intent(in) :: ilut(0:nifTot)
        integer :: index, hash_val, nI(nel)
        logical :: tSuccess
        real(dp) :: new_sgn(lenof_sign), old_sgn(lenof_sign)
        character(*), parameter :: this_routine = "add_semistochastic_state"

        call decode_bit_det(nI, ilut)
        call hash_table_lookup(nI, ilut, nifd, ssht, ilut_list, index, hash_val, tSuccess)
        ! If it is already in corespace, we check which population is higher
        if (tSuccess) then
            call extract_sign(ilut_list(:, index), old_sgn)
            call extract_sign(ilut, new_sgn)
            if (sum(abs(new_sgn)) > sum(abs(old_sgn))) call encode_sign(ilut_list(:, index), new_sgn)
            if (list_size > MaxWalkersPart) call stop_all(this_routine, &
                                                          "Out of memory for corespace construction.")
            list_size = list_size + 1
            ilut_list(:, list_size) = ilut
            call add_hash_table_entry(ssht, list_size, hash_val)
        end if
    end subroutine add_semistochastic_state


end module real_time_aux