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Token CNTROL= of cast logical (optional)

T: Read and use moments or potential parameters supplied in the CTRL file. F: The data following CNTROL are not used. Both the `continuous principal quantum numbers' P (as described in the section `Iterations Towards Self-Consistency') and the Q's (the moments) must be present for a given atom as displayed in the example; however, it is not necessary to have an input for each atom. Moments are read in Q0, Q1, Q2, once for each tex2html_wrap_inline1720 channel, and then once for each spin, if there are two spins. In the case ATOM=NI in the above example, 0.6 electrons is put in the s orbital, 0.8 in the p and 8.6 in the d.

O. Jepsen
Thu Oct 12 14:48:45 MESZ 2000