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Fermi Surface plot

  Important notice: This program is not yet fully tested for all lattices! Please cross-check the results carefully!

The program generates a plot of Fermi surface contours in the unfolded irreducible part of the Brillouin zone. The program reads the file LMFS created by if FS=T in category OPTIONS and creates the plot data files Y1.DAT, Y2.DAT and the command file Y.GNU. After the selection of the output device one is prompted for a 40-character title string for the plot:

 enter title:
followed by a list of lattices and the prompt for a general scaling factor and the selection of the lattice:
Number  Lattice type
1       sc
2       bcc
3       fcc
4       orthor primitive
5       orthor based centered
        different setting for 1248
6       orthor primitive,diff. sett.
7       orthor based centered-real
8       tetrag primitive kz=0 plane
x9      tetrag primitive more planes
        x=1->4 for different planes
enter: scale and lattice
      e.g.: 8.  4 (orthorhombic)
      or    3.  8 (tetrag)
      or    4. x9 (tetrag for several planes,
               x selects which one)
After the scale and the lattice is entered, a short summary of the input is printed and the plot is generated.

O. Jepsen
Thu Oct 12 14:48:45 MESZ 2000