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Installation of the TB-LMTO programs

  The source code is compressed on the distribution diskette from where this documentation was down-loaded.

The uncompression, creation of directories, and copying to directories is done automatically as described in the READ.ME file on the distribution disk. This can be done under MS-DOS or UNIX.

The GNUPLOT graphical package on the distribution diskette can be used for all plots, see Section X.

Options are provided for creation of plot data files appropriate for IBM Visualization Data Explorer version 2, which is available for IBM, Sun, HP, and SGI machines.

The path name in the makefile and in all files with the extension .exec in the lmto47 directory (hereafter called the main directory, and directories one level below this will be called subdirectories) has to be changed to the appropriate name. Furthermore, the path name in getmain and in getmakefile in the main directory should also be changed. Typing `make all' will then compile and link all programs according to the rules in the makefile.

O. Jepsen
Thu Oct 12 14:48:45 MESZ 2000