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Token IALPHA= of cast integer (optional)

IALPHA=0: tex2html_wrap_inline1754 is used. Where SIGMA is a token.

IALPHA=1: tex2html_wrap_inline1756 's are calculated in the program. tex2html_wrap_inline1756 and tex2html_wrap_inline1760 depend on kappa. The canonical tex2html_wrap_inline1756 's only applies for kappa=0. Optimal tex2html_wrap_inline1756 's (leading to screening for non-zero kappa's) have been calculated as a function of kappa and a fit formula has been found. This is used to calculate the tex2html_wrap_inline1756 's.

IALPHA=2: tex2html_wrap_inline1756 (token ALPHA) and tex2html_wrap_inline1760 (token ADOT) must be supplied in the CTRL file.

O. Jepsen
Thu Oct 12 14:48:45 MESZ 2000