init_get_helement_k_space_hub Subroutine

public subroutine init_get_helement_k_space_hub()




Source Code

    subroutine init_get_helement_k_space_hub

        if (iProcIndex == root) then
            print *, "initialize k-space get_helement pointer"
        end if

        if (t_trans_corr_2body) then
            three_body_prefac = real(bhub, dp) * 2.0_dp * (cosh(trans_corr_param_2body) - 1.0_dp) / real(omega**2, dp)
        end if

        call init_dispersion_rel_cache()
        call init_tmat_kspace(lat)
        call init_two_body_trancorr_fac_matrix()
        n_opp(-1) = real(nel / 2 + lms, dp)
        n_opp(1) = real(nel / 2 - lms, dp)
        call init_three_body_const_mat()

        get_umat_el => get_umat_kspace
        ! i guess i should also set the transcorr factor here or??
        get_helement_lattice_ex_mat => get_helement_k_space_hub_ex_mat
        get_helement_lattice_general => get_helement_k_space_hub_general
        ! maybe i have to initialize more here, especially if we are using the
        ! HPHF keyword I guess..

        call initSltCndPtr()

    end subroutine init_get_helement_k_space_hub