remove_node Subroutine

public pure subroutine remove_node(prev, curr)


Type IntentOptional Attributes Name
type(ll_node), intent(inout), pointer :: prev
type(ll_node), intent(inout), pointer :: curr


Source Code

Source Code

    pure subroutine remove_node(prev, curr)

        ! On input, prev should point to the the node before curr in the linked list,
        ! or should point to null if curr is the first node in the list. curr should
        ! point to the node which is to be removed.

        ! On output, both prev and curr will be nullified.

        type(ll_node), pointer, intent(inout) :: prev, curr
        type(ll_node), pointer :: temp_node

        if (associated(prev)) then
            ! If not the first state in the list.
            prev%next => curr%next
            ! If the first state in the list.
            if (associated(curr%next)) then
                ! If the first but not the only state in the list.
                ! Move the details of the second entry in the list to the
                ! first entry, and then deallocate the second entry.
                curr%ind = curr%next%ind
                temp_node => curr%next
                curr%next => curr%next%next
                ! If the first and only state in the list.
                curr%ind = 0
                curr%next => null()
            end if
        end if

        prev => null()
        curr => null()
        temp_node => null()

    end subroutine remove_node